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What is a Certification?

A Certification audit is applicable to NDIS providers delivering more complex support to their clients. The audit is split into 2 stages: Stage 1: An off-site audit to review your Self Assessment completed in the NDIS registration process, along with a review of your documentation (policies & procedures) to deliver the service and govern your business. Adverse findings result in a corrective action plan before moving to Stage 2. . Stage 2: An onsite audit to evaluate the effectiveness of your procedures. Included will be interviews with the participants receiving your service, interviews with support workers and participant file reviews to ensure you are delivering services as stated in your procedures

What does Provisional mean?

A Provisional audit is relevant to NDIS providers starting out, who do not have any clients yet.

In effect, it is the same as a Certification audit, however there are no NDIS participants to interview or support plans to review.

Once your business is operating and you are delivering support to NDIS participants, the NDIS Commission may require a Stage 2 audit to ensure you are implementing your services as intended.

When is a Mid-Term Audit needed?

While a Certification audit is performed every 3 years, there is an audit performed around the mid-point (18 months), to monitor changes affecting registered NDIS providers, observe the effectiveness of procedures, and look for evidence of continuous improvement.

The Mid-Term audit is not relevant to a provider completing a Verification

What is a Verification?

A Verification audit is performed every 3 years. It is an off-site audit applicable to NDIS providers delivering low-risk services, determined by the registration classes. Your documentation aligns to four key areas:

  • Complaints Management
  • Incident Management
  • Risk Management
  • HR (Worker screening & qualifications)